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Made by Halcyon-Enigma

May 18 [ Part II]


Be sure to check out our weekly deviation winner: oostlan
a knight to remember 3 by oostlan
Photograph on May 15th!
You have one day to join thousands around the world in using the power of photography to create, share and compare perspectives on daily life! Don't miss it! You can upload your images until May 22nd.
On May 15th we are looking for perspectives on daily life of everyone who enjoys and values photography! Professionals, amateurs, school children, farmers, social media fans, astronauts, office workers and you.
All images will be displayed online for you and everyone to explore. Some of them will be selected for a book, others for exhibitions. Every single one will be saved for future research and education. Let a part of your life inspire generations to come.

*I'm going to feature this until the 22nd

Member Feature's

:thumb302825821:Polifitos Lake by sui400strawberry time by whereUwantA day by the lake by VoidIndexCamouflage by SasoSi

Unknown Artist - aristian

Hair Plays by aristianEnjoyment a Man by aristianLovely Smile by aristianuntitle by aristian
Ariel Aristian
Artist | Photography
I'm not a photographer, I just take photo through the camera

Photography News/Tips

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Have you ever wondered where I curate all these links from? Well, here's is a full list if you want to check them out:

WIRED's Raw File

Daily Song's

Seeing how the poll was so close (unfortunately :ohnoes:) I'm just gonna post one song for each mood :|
Dark / Depressing - Atmosphere | Guarantees…

Happy / Feel good - Living Legengs | Another day…

Relax - Milkman | Breaking Free…

Get pumped / Workout - Nero | Promises…

What you're saying

How many people (you think) will vote on this poll? - 31 say 0-50
Walking in a Winter Wonderland by hopper195

What kind of song mood do you listen to? - 64 say Happy / Feel good
nikutsuki:"Depends on my mood!"
3rd sketch: feathers by nikutsuki

GoldenTears888:"it depends on my mood, but mostly indie."

No-Name-Girl:"depends on my mood, really."
Hikaru Hitachiin Cosplay #1 by No-Name-Girl

draco-dragon84:"Just depends what mood I'm in which reflects my song of choice."
Dark Grey Tutorial Layout by draco-dragon84

...witismydog:"Same here. [It] just depends."
Orange Globes by witismydog

claremanson:"i suppose dark / depressing it would seem to some but for me it cheers me up and keeps me calm"
Cheesecake Chocolate Cups by claremanson

What do you think of the daily songs? - 32 say It's Ok
PauuT:"I realy would like that... <3"
Stunning Sunset by PauuT

Rin-Egin:"I dont even know what that is" (:ohnoes:)
(No deviations to feature... :ohnoes:)

What You're saying - 16 May
ElenaCute:"Well, I don't know how you're doing this, but you're doing a great job here! I wish I had so much time like you do
iLovePhotographyClub is my first group since I'm on dA and I love it more and more [and this "more" thanks to you!
So, what can I tell? Keep going with this great job 'cause you're very appreciated and supported!
We love you!"
please stay by ElenaCute

If you want to be featured, just leave a comment on either our blog or our polls and I will feature you in our "what you're saying" section! :la:

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draco-dragon84 Featured By Owner May 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Ha ha wow! Never expected my art to be featured, thank you. Yes sometimes as well my mood reflects into my art too, but I have always been kinda of a dark artist.
VoidIndex Featured By Owner May 19, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
thx! :)
No-Name-Girl Featured By Owner May 19, 2012  Student Photographer
Thank you! ^.^
ElenaCute Featured By Owner May 19, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Very thank you! :happybounce:
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May 19, 2012


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