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Daily Blog - 2May - 4May

Wed May 2, 2012, 7:42 AM by TylerFortierPhoto:icontylerfortierphoto:
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2 May 2012

Happy May! Today we feature JacquelineBarkla:, Interview jetsetaphrodite , watch Macro Kingdom, listen to Piano songs, and more! :la:

Admin Feature - JacquelineBarkla
Dandenong Fog by JacquelineBarklaEclipse Time Lapse -tips incl. by JacquelineBarklaThird Time's The Charm by JacquelineBarklaSummertime Sadness by JacquelineBarkla

Jacqueline Barkla
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
Thanks for visiting! I'm fairly new to photography (self-taught) and have decided to give life back to my rather old; and slowly rusting, DA account and share some stuff starting 2011. Here is pretty much the only place people have shown (such amazing and unexpected) support for my photography..for that I thank you kindly, means the world! Love you all! I'm so humbled that I've been able to inspire others

Photography means a lot to me. Not only is it a great way to express yourself and capture a moment in time that will never exist again really.. To capture a feeling. An emotion. It is something else altogether. It is unique. No two images are the same! Natural lighting is what I prefer. Emotive portraits and natural landscapes are my fav.
I hope to one day(one day soon) be as talented as many of the stunning photographers here on Deviantart Currently doing real estate photography for work. Learning lots!
Stay tuned!

Interview - jetsetaphrodite

Liquefaction by jetsetaphroditenatures perfect cinnabun by jetsetaphroditeune autre voie humide rose II by jetsetaphroditestinkin cute by jetsetaphrodite
1) How did you first get started into photography?
I began painting and could not get what I felt and saw into the painting and being detailed oriented it drove me insane. The detail was just never right in my eye. I was very interested in photography as a child and always wanted a “real” camera but could not afford one and all the equipment to have a darkroom. It was not until technology touched the photography field that I could afford one. Once they got better I bought one and it has been non-stop passion. I am actually compelled to take photos and I actually physically feel ill when I do not shoot anything for any length of time.
2) Who and what are your influences?
Georgia O’Keeffe and her husband Alfred Stieglitz are a great influence (now if I can JUST get some models), Mother Nature, the soul in all things and my intuition. These are my greatest influences.
3) Have you ever been published or received a DD? If so, what piece? (include the thumbnail if you want).
Yes by grace, I have been fortunate enough to be published three times Daylate the hobo clown by jetsetaphroditereflection by jetsetaphroditeplumes d'oie by jetsetaphrodite
and No unfortunately, I have not received a DD yet. It was a goal in 2011 that I did not fulfill, sad.
4) What kind of education do you have in photography, or are you self-taught?
I am self-taught. I have tried two classes, but realized schooling ruins the naturalness of my passion.
5) Have you ever worked in the field of photography.
Not yet.
6) Do you think it's important to have a philosophy?
I do believe it is important to have a “personal” philosophy.
7) What advice would you give to an upcoming photographer?
You and your camera must become one so take your camera with you everywhere, don’t worry about style in the beginning style takes time to develop your own,
Learn composition if it does not come naturally
Follow your gut.
Perspective, perspective, perspective.

Member Feature's

Golden Gate by Morning by TopherGentryPeaches by kaspodEmptiness by alokbarso:thumb299203958:korea marine headquarter 1593 jinnamgwan by wulfman65Topsy Turvey by TopherGentryPrague by N-in-WonderlandSquare by A2MatosCarpet seller by Chris-LamprianidisMy heart by jeveux-volerFracture by whatwouldyoudoWhen the lights go off by franlaurelfragile wings. by beating-of-my-heartIntegrity by FuriousIdeasBehind The Scene I (test shot) by adityapudjo
Ok I guess this is an art thief: :thumb299587571: :|…
So yeah :|

Photography News/Tips

How to organize a mass photo shoot in 2 weeks…
Fantastic Airline Photography…
Instagram and its Impact on the World of Photography…
Student Wins Copyright Skirmish Over Falling Bear Photo…
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Starry Night Photographs of Landscapes Covered in Lights
Useful Photography Tip #22: Take a Moment to Think Things Through…
Time Lapse Photos Show New World Trade Center As It's Built (Video)…
Photo Director Takes No Prisoners in Pursuit of Pulitzers

Have you ever wondered where I curate all these links from? Well, here's is a full list if you want to check them out:
WIRED's Raw File

Daily Video - Macro Kingdom

Daily Song's - Piano

Member songs - Sister Sojourn
Empty and Barrel…

Further Listening:

Atmosphere | The woman with the tattooed hands…
Colbie Caillat | I never told you…
Deadmau5 | Faxing Berlin (Piano acoustic version)…
Demi Lovato | Every time you lie…
Drake / Alicia Keys | Fireworks…
A fine frenzy | The Beacon…
Marie Digby / Linkin Park | What I've Done…
Nas | Testify…
Rachael Sage | Frost…
Sara Haze | Love Sick…
Skrillex | Skrillex Orchestral Suite…
Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross | What if we could (From the girl with the dragon too soundtrack)…

3 May 2012

Happy May 3rd :la: Today we feature Admin miontre, Feature member johnpurlia, watch a NYC timelapse by Mindrelic, and listen to SOFI & Deadmau5

Admin Feature - miontre

14/Male/New Zealand
My username is miontre (obviously). I hate that name. WHy did I choose it  I wish I had a more artistic and creative name which suits my gallert but it's too late now, I don't want to give up everything I've achieved here just to change my username  The reason I chose it in the first place is because it's the username I used on RuneScape, an online game which I used to be obsessed with  Anyways, my real name is Amazir and I live in New Zealand  I am very friendly and love the dA community soo feel free to chat
I am a hobbyist photographer but I also enjoy doing other things like manipulations and the odd 3D render (but I haven't done any of those for ages).
I'm a perfectionist.. so everything I do is either perfect or not done at all (most of the time..)  My favourite TV show is Doctor Who,, and I suck at writing about myself, so bye lol

Feature - johnpurlia
Idol - full title in comments by johnpurliaDixie - Full title in comments by johnpurliaBelinda - Full title below by johnpurliaLeroy - full title in comments by johnpurlia

Hey there!
Saw your post to the Etsy POE team looking for work to feature in your daily blog. You may want to take a look at my conceptual work, which definitely steps way outside the lines of what's typically seen on Etsy! Take a look at my DA page for my most recent work, or swing over to my Etsy shop, blog, or YouTube channel (for video versions of my 2D work!). Links:

Member Feature's

Savudrija by KlekDarkened Rain Drops by darkmonkey78Ice cold 2 by EclipxPhotographyWonderland by jelinjer:thumb299740068:Sed by JDaVanimMoto II by LuchianoSbcWish I had committed a crime by Dream-frame

Photography News/Tips

One of the Best Yosemite Time-Lapses You’ll Watch (Video)…
Free canvas print…
Extreme Panorama's…
Amazing Aurora's…
5 Tips for natural light…
First Slow-Motion Phantom Miro M120 Video Doesn’t Disappoint (Video)…
Lensbaby Pro Effects Kit Comes With Everything You Need…
Pixel art camera's (Video)…
How does instagram upload so fast?…

Daily Video - NYC - Mindrelic Timelapse

Daily Song's - SOFI & Deadmau5

SOFI + Deadmau5
Joel Thomas Zimmerman (born January 5, 1981), better known by his stage name deadmau5 (pronounced "dead mouse"), is a Canadian progressive house and electro house producer based in Toronto. His tracks have been included in compilation albums such as In Search of Sunrise 6: Ibiza, MixMag's Tech-Trance-Electro-Madness (mixed by deadmau5 himself), and on Armin van Buuren's A State of Trance radio show. His debut album, Circa 1998-2004, was released in 2005, followed by others in the next few years. - Wikipedia. One thing I love about Deadmau5 is that he hasn't let the fame get to him, and judging from his song title's/album title's he doesn't take himself too seriously.

I actually (a few years ago) made a remix to his song 'Moar Ghosts n Stuff' and 'Ghosts N Stuff' if you wanna check it out

Some Chords…
Raise your weapon…
I Remember…
Faxing Berlin - Piano acoustic version…
HR 9838 Cephei…
Aural Psynapse…

SOFI (Some other female interest) was first (as far as I know) featured on Deadmau5's 'SOFI Needs a Ladder'. She would later release 'One trick pony', collaborate with Moguai (also on Deadmau5's record label) and go on to pursue a solo career with her EP's 'locked and loaded', collaborating with artists such as Noisia and Millions Like Us.

Again Sometime?…
Broken Souvenirs…
Beat of the drum…

SOFI + Deadmau5
SOFI & Deadmau5 are currently touring together

One Trick Pony…

May 4 2012

Happy May 4th, may the 4th be with you. Today we feature admin DianaGrigore, interview DodsonPhotoArt, get a look at Instagram's new leaked camera, and listen to random songs I couldn't really catagorize

Admin Feature - DianaGrigore
1 by DianaGrigoreStrings of Life by DianaGrigore:thumb166525310::thumb163132719:

Diana Grigore
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
Cinema lover
Current Residence: Bucharest
Favourite photographer: Eugenio Recuenco
Favourite style of art: Abstract
Favourite cartoon character: Evil Rabbit

Interview - DodsonPhotoArt

1) How did you first get started into photography?
I have been taking pictures since the early 70’s. Ever since I was able to pick up a camera, I have enjoyed being behind the lens more than in front of it. Over the years, I have used many different types of cameras and about 10 years ago, I finally started using digital for some of my pictures. For the last 5 years, I have been using digital exclusively. Since I only keep about 1 out of every 100 shots I take, this has definitely been more cost effective. I have, however, held onto my last 35mm camera. As a teenager, I learned how to develop my own black & white photographs and one day, I would like to build my own darkroom and start developing some B&W again. Although you can now use photo software to create the effects you want, I enjoyed the feeling of manually creating the finished product.
2) Who and what are your influences?
I consider most photographers I have seen or know to be an influence. Whether they are pro or amateur, I think you can learn something from everyone. There is always an opportunity to learn new perspectives, techniques, styles, or even what not to do. Overall though, I would say my greatest influence is the world around me. I tend to enjoy photographing “non-human” things such as animals, nature, landscapes, and man-made objects.
3) Have you ever been published or received a DD? If so, what piece? (include the thumbnail if you want).
4) What kind of education do you have in photography, or are you self-taught?
For the most part, I am self-taught. I have never had any “formal” training, but I have learned things from other photographers. My current “teacher” is my nephew Nathaniel Dodson ( He is also self-taught, but is an incredibly talented photographer. His primary focus is photography people (models, musicians, artists, etc.). Since I tend to photograph everything BUT people, I occasionally work as his assistant on some of his shoots. It gives me a chance to learn a lot about staging, lighting, and technique that I wouldn’t learn on my own.
5) Have you ever worked in the field of photography?
As previously mentioned, I have had the opportunity to work as an assistant for my nephew (
6) Do you think it's important to have a philosophy?
I believe it is always important to have a philosophy in life and everything else you do. This helps you to always be true to yourself, despite what others may be doing or saying.
With my photography, I tend to do minimal “after-camera” alterations. At most, I usually adjust the contrast and levels and tweak the sharpness. For the most part, I like my end photo to look like what I originally took a picture of, not an overly processed or digitally rendered version of it. Although, I admit that I occasionally enjoy making an artistic rendition of something I took.
7) What advice would you give to an upcoming photographer?
First and foremost, shoot what YOU enjoy. Although this may seem a no-brainer, it can be harder than you think, especially if you are working for someone. Photography should be enjoyable. When you start being more concerned about what other people think, then what you think, it loses the joy. Even knowing this, I have found myself, at times, trying to take pictures I think someone else would like. At the end of the day, I realize that I didn’t enjoy myself and it was reflected in the pictures I ended up with.
Secondly, don’t be disappointed with what you end up with. It is not uncommon to take hundreds of pictures just to get the one you want. Even on a bad day, you can always learn something by reviewing your shots. You realize that some may have worked if the angle was a little different, or maybe the focus was shifted, or the depth was changed. This is a much easier pill to swallow with the advent of digital cameras. I know all too well from personal experience how disappointing it is to pay to have 200 shots developed and not like any of them. Being able to hit the delete button is much cheaper.
Thirdly, don’t be afraid to experiment. Most digital cameras (especially DSLR’s) have enough settings to keep you busy just learning what they are for. Many times, I have taken the same exact picture ten or twelve different ways. Color, Black & White, shutter speed adjustments, depth of field adjustments, etc.
Finally… Be True To Yourself! As I mentioned, I enjoy the end product with only minimal “after-camera” processing. In today’s world of digital photography, I seem to be in the minority. That’s O.K. with me. Although I appreciate the end result of some photographers, more often than not, I am left feeling that their end product looks fake. I see and enjoy the beauty in the world around me and I don’t have the ego to think I can improve upon that by digitally altering it.

Member Feature's

Navy Pier by Fallunleashed:thumb299792658:little entertainer 2 by rilibkoZodiac Capricorn by 0Bubble:thumb299973259:

Daily Video - NYC - Instagram camera

This is a parody. It's not serious

Daily Song's - Random Song's

These are songs that I couldn't really categorize but I love them, so here's a few random songs
Ace Da Youngin' | That's bad (I was given the honor to attend the filming of the music video for this song)…
Adele | Make you feel me love…
Fedde Le Grande | Autosave…
Gym Class Heroes | Life Goes On…
Jay-Z / Linkin Park | Numb / Encore…
Just Kait | Living Tonight…
Just Kait | Free Fall…
Just Kait | Sick…
Linkin Park | Somewhere I Belong…
Murs | And This is For...…
Regina Spektor | Laughing With…
Shogun | Skyfire…
Skrillex | Rock N' Roll [Will take you to the mountain…


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Brown Bear II by Schoelli
Suggested by TylerFortierPhoto, featured by trevg

Admin feature: lastdrop

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Admin feature: TimberClipse

Future Songs:
Saturday: Getting by / sad songs

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